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Thousands of rare historical books have now been digitized and are free to view or download at home.  Many of the genealogies and town histories written at the turn of the previous century are out of copyright and have been digitized by companies such as Google Books or the Internet Archive.

The following are links to digitized books which contain Bascom genealogical information, or Bascom biographies.


A genealogical record of Thomas Bascom and his descendants by Edward D. Harris (1870).  The first and most complete Bascom Genealogy is now available to download in PDF or text format.  This is a nearly complete account of the Bascoms in America as of its publication in 1870.

The History of Northampton Massachusetts from its settlement in 1654 by James R. Trumbull (1902).  In volume one there are numerous entries regarding Thomas Bascom (see the index) and volume two contains entries for later Bascoms.  Click on "read this book" and enter Bascom in the search box.

The History of Deerfield Massachusetts includes a genealogy of the family which spread over the next few generations from Northampton into nearby towns of Deerfield, Greenfield, and Gill.

The History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts includes illustrations and biographical sketches, including information on the Bascoms.  There is a portrait illustration of Rev. Ezekiel L. Bascom, husband of folk artist Ruth Henshaw Bascom on page 766.

The History of Newport New Hampshire includes a detailed genealogy of the Bascom family and the branch which settled in Newport.  There are a few hundred descendants from this branch of the family.

The Life of Henry Bidleman Bascom (1854) is a biography of Bishop Bascom of the Methodist Church.  Of special note is his statement about the family tradition of Bascom genealogy, that the family are descendants of French Huguenots, page 12.

In New England families, genealogical and memorial by William Cutter there is a genealogy of the early Bascom family starting on page 1705.












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