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Last updated 14 January 2017

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You may want to start at the Bascom Home Page for an overview of this web site. To search our genealogy you may click and search any surname, or search the complete index of persons which are listed alphabetically. These 6,608 individuals include all Bascoms found in our two published genealogies "Thomas Bascom and His Descendants" (pub. 1870) and "Bascom and Allied Families" (pub. 1932). Over the past 60 years these records have been added to by Bascom family members and especially those who have attended family reunions with records in hand.

All of these individuals are related to the family of Thomas Bascom, the American immigrant. If you are an American Bascom, you are very likely descended from Thomas Bascom. In most cases you can find your connection by looking for your great grandfather or a Bascom relative who was living when the 1870 genealogy was published.

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