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This page of occupations is a new feature. At this point only a few of the more famous persons have occupation data available. However, please email additions using the link at the bottom of this page. You may want to start at the Bascom Home Page for an overview of this web site.

Architect, And Genealogist


Assoc.Prof. English Univ. Wisconsin (Ret.1940), WI

Auto Dealer And Repair Shop In Boston, MA

Bank Teller

Banker In Boston, MA


Cabinet Maker

Car Inspector For Union Pacific Railroad


Carriage Maker

CEO Of Chicago-based QualSight, Inc

Chair Maker

Champlain Canal Commissioner


Chief Of Police, Greenville, OH

Col. US Army Dentist

Curator Of Fort Frederic Museum, Crown Point, NY

Deputy Sheriff And Jailer, Rochester, NY

Director Of Facilities Planning And Construction At Biola University

District Passenger Agent On The Rock Island RR

Doctor And Professor Of Physical Therapy


Emergency Physician In Detroit


Established Bascom Trim And Upholstery, Los Gatos, CA

Farmer, Stock Breeder, Bath County KY State Legislator


First Constable Of Greene

First Pastor Of Congregational Church Of Chester, MA

Forester For NY State Conservation Dept.

General Manager Of Fayette R. Plumb Company, Inc., St. Louis, MO

General Manager Of WBZ Radio Station, Boston, MA




Harness Maker, Cobbler

Head Cashier For 25 Years, St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, CA

High School Principal, Northampton

Historian And General With D.A.R.

Hotel Keeper Templeton, MA

Inspector At Bausch And Lomb

Jeweler And Watchmaker

Jeweler For Bascom Brothers In Columbus, Ohio


Jurist And Trial Justice



Librarian At The Library Of Congress

Machinist, And Inventor Of Newspaper Folding Machine


Male Nurse In Civil War

Mayor Of Eugene, OR

Mayor Of Highlands, NC For Several Terms

Mayor Of Okoboji, IA


Member Chicago Bd. Of Trade


Methodist Minister


Minister For The M.E. Church

Minister Of Assembley Of God Church


Missionary And Bible Translator In Mexico

Missionary In Las Delicias/Caripe/Venezuela

Navy Test Pilot And Fighter Pilot

Nurse - Died Of Pneumonia Cont. From Patient


Oceanographer, Author

Onwer MC Bascom And Co., Oil And Gas Supply House

Owner Bascom Theatre Brokerage Firm, Mt Vernon

Owner Of Bascom Insurance Co., Whitehall, NY

Pastor In The Assembly Of God Church



Postal Clerk

Postmaster At Swan, Summit Co., CO

Postmater Of Princeton, IL And Newspaper Editor

Presbyterian Minister And Missionary For American Tract And Bible Society

President 13 Years At Broderick & Bascom Co.

President At Lord And Webster Co., 20 Atlantic Ave., Boston, MA

President Of Bascom Capital, Mission Hills, KS

President Of University Of Wisconsin

President Of Woman's Christian Temperance Union Of Lansingburg, NY More Than 20 Years

Printer In Boston, MA

Professional Baseball Player With Orioles Minor League

Professor Of Geology At Bryn Mawr College; Known As "The Stone Lady"

Public Accountant

Publishing Editor

Rail Road Contractor

Rail Road Engineer

RR Conductor

Saddler/Miller By Trade



Singer And Actress Who Used Stage Name Pamela Caveness As Well As Pam Cavan

Site Mgr. Intel Corp.

Sp.Am.War Veteran

Stone Cutter

Stone Mason

Store Owner On The Square In Claremont

Superintendent For A. Sherman Lumber Co., Potsdam NY For 30 Years.


Teacher In Lansing Michigan

Teacher Mt Shasta, CA


Traveled With Barnum's Circus

VSLI Operator

Worked 25 Years At The Navel Research Laboratory In Washington D.C., And A Research Professor At The Univ. Of Utah

Worked As A Silversmith In Maysville, KY And In St. Louis, MO.

Worked At Greenfield Tap And Die Corporation, Greenfield, MA

Worked For Quaker Oats

Worked With Bell Labs. Said To Have Developed Dial Phone

Writer, Journalist


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