The Bascom Reunion Association

2011 marks the 62nd anniversary of the formation of the Bascom Reunion Association. From humble beginnings in 1949, the association has grown from a small related group of New Hampshire Bascoms to an association with several hundred cousins on the reunion mailing list.

The first reunion was held at Vilas Pool in Alstead, New Hamphisre in 1949.  The family soon agreed on a schedule to hold reunions every three years.  View the page on reunions past to see where these reunions were held. 

The Bascom Reunion Association has been collecting genealogy at these reunions and distributing copies of the book "Thomas Bascom and his Descendants" which was published in 1870.  Nearly all Bascoms in the United States descend from the American immigrant Thomas Bascom.


Current Officers of the Bascom Reunion Association (2010-2013)

President Dan Bascom  
Vice President Bill Bascom  
Genealogist Bradford Bascom email:
Secretary Becky Bascom Dechir email:
Treasurer Crystal Bascom email: