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The web site Find-A-Grave at last count had 1400 memorial pages devoted to "Bascom" graves.  A search for "Bascomb" reveals 111, and "Bascombe" 75.  The site is free to browse and free to upload images.  The memorial pages normally include the full name and location of the grave, and many show photographs of the gravestones.

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I have also collected numerous Bascom gravestone photos over the years, and cousins have submitted several via email.  I have far more than I can post on the web site, but on this page I've shown some of the very oldest Bascom graves.

Carved stones were not commonly used until the mid-1700s.  In fact, very few graves from the 1600s can be found in all of New England.  In the 1600s graves were typically marked with a wooden cross or unlabeled stone, and therefore most of the early grave sites have been lost. 

Although we know the first three generations of Bascoms (Thomas I, Thomas II, Thomas III) were recorded as having died in Northampton, the grave locations are are not known.  It is not likely that gravestones marked these early graves.  However, from the fourth generation of Bascoms onward there are many gravestones.

In Southampton we have this first gravestone, of Jonathan Bascom, his wife Mindwell King, and son Elisha who died in the Revolution.

Jonathon was the son of Thomas Bascom III, thus the fourth generation Bascom in America.


The oldest Bacom graves I have found is from 1764.  This is Joseph Bascom, the son of Thomas Bascom III.  He and his wife Hannah Rider are buried in Greenfield, not far from Northampton. 

In full this stone reads:

In memory of Mr. Joseph Bascom he died Sep ye 11th 1764 in the 55th year of his age.  Death is a debt to nature due, that I have paid and so must you.


Samuel Bascom is another son of Thomas Bascom III of Northampton.  Samuel lived and died in the town of Western, Massachusetts.  The town was renamed from Western to Warren.  Can you imagine the confusion when someone said they were from Western Massachusetts?

Here lies ye body of Samuel Bascom who Died Noo'r 22 1765 in ye 76th year of this Age.


Ezekiel Bascom [1700-1746] is another son of Thomas Bascom the third.  I have searched long and hard without success to find my ancestor Ezekiel.  However, his wife Rebecca Clary is buried in Bernardston with this beautifully carved stone.

Rebecca Brooks was born Rebecca Clary who married Ezekiel Bascom, and after Ezekiel's death she married Nathaniel Brooks.  Nathaniel was captured by Indians and taken to Canada where he died.

Ezekiel and Rebecca are the ancestors of the New Hampshire Bascoms who started the Bascom Reunion Association.

Moses is the son of Ezekiel Bascom.  (Thomas - Thomas II - Thomas III - Ezekiel - Moses)

He is burried in Gill Massachusetts where he was an early founder of the town.  The farm on which he lived is still there today, on Bascom Road.  There are by my count 16 Bascom graves in the cemetery at the end of Bascom Road, mostly children of Moses.

The Moses Bascom farm was recently put into a land trust, to preserve the land from being developed.

Moses' son, Rev. Ezekiel Lysander Bascom married the famous American folk artist Ruth Henshaw Bascom.

Elias Bascom is another son of Ezekiel, brother to Moses.  (Thomas - Thomas II - Thomas III - Ezekiel - Elias)  He is the ancestor of the New Hampshire Bascoms, who founded the Bascom Reunion Association.

Elias lived in many places.  Born in Hatfield, Massachusetts he moved to Northfield, Mass. and later to Newport, New Hampshire.  The last of his children were born in Newport and many lived out their lives there.  However, Elias moved on to Orwell, Vermont with some of his sons.  Both the Orwell and Newport Bascoms grew to be large branches of the family.  There are Bascom Roads in both Orwell and Newport where the family resided.

Elias was a deacon at the Orwell church, and lived to be 96 years old.


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